Dear Zoël

How much will you Sacrifice... for what you Love?

Be part of the Dear Zöel movie-making adventure!
Journey with the cast and filmmakers from pre-production to a theatre near you.
· Promotional give-aways to include eco-adventure vacations to Costa Rica, brief cameos in the movie, VIP premier party tickets and much more
· On-set live virtual interviews
· Real time on-set updates 
· Behind the scenes videos

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Stefani Boyette

Stefani is the Co-founder of Pura Vida Entertainment and has over eight years of experience in the Entertainment Industry, primarily working with Sony Pictures Television for the Latin American distribution of movies and television series. She has also produced several projects with James, including the Dear Zoël promo, national spot commercials, and a made-for-internet pilot series.

Stefani was born in Costa Rica, where she graduated from the University of Costa Rica with a degree in Business Administration. Her career in finance began with Citibank, and over the past 12 years has taken her to renowned financial institution such as BNP Pariba (National Bank of Paris), Merrill Lynch, and currently Sony Pictures, where she deals with clients in Free and Pay TV, and Cable Operators throughout Latin America.

While young, her acting career looks extremely promising: she won the role of Charity Haze in the theatre production The Butler did It, and her portrayal of Stephanie in the Dear Zoël promo has already garnered her an Accolade Award.