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Mario Araya

Mario is an accomplished Costa Rican cinematographer and producer. He has worked on international productions such as Bodog Fight (2006 – 2007) and Spy Kids 2, where he worked with Robert Rodriguez as head of Second Unit Photography. Mario is the most awarded Director of Photography at the “Muestra de Cine” in Costa Rica, having received top awards 3 years running.

A native of Costa Rica, Mario graduated with honors from the Vancouver Film School. His graduation project Meeting Dad won top honors in its category and received the Best Photography award at the Houston World Film Festival in 1994.

He also has a distinguished career in publicity, working with Panregional campaigns for brands such as Taca Airlines, Toyota, Unicef, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Texaco, and Payless. In September 2008, the Rapp Collins Agency in Moscow, along with the BSL production company in Denmark, contracted Mario as Head of Principal Photography for the worldwide campaign of Carlsberg Beer.

Currently, Mario is part of the Costa Rican Audiovisual Chamber, and is working diligently in the creation and implementation of various laws related to film and production in the region.