Dear Zoël

How much will you Sacrifice... for what you Love?

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A young actor places a noose around his neck and clips his hands to his belt. The frail table wobbling under his feet will collapse at any moment. Pieces of charred photographs of his beloved lie scattered on the floor. Seeking last second salvation, he reflects on how the path he chose led him to this moment. His name is Zoël.

Dear Zoël is the story of a young Hispanic man whose common coming of age dilemma—the clash of family expectations against the pursuit of one’s dreams—turns tragic. Zoel’s father wants him to move to North Carolina to expand the family business, but Zoël has won the lead role in a production of Hamlet in the National Theater, fulfilling a lifelong goal. Zoël’s girlfriend, Stephanie, refuses to watch him waste his talent and passion by moving to the States. Zoël helps and inspires those around him in related storylines, but in the end, will he be able to save himself?