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Rocío Carranza

Costa Rican, Rocío Carranza, hails from a family of actors and has many years of acting experience in film, television and theater. Her professional career began in earnest at the age of 11 when she was cast as Hermione in the Greek tragedy Orestes. From 15 until 18, she starred as Raquel in the television sitcom El Barrio.

Rocío has become a household name in Costa Rica, starring in television series, major theatre productions (including Mariana Pineda; Las Brujas de Salem; Mi Mamá ¿me ama?; Yerma; Las Criadas; Todos eran mis hijos; and Los Velásquez), and several feature films (Café Fortuna; La Región Perdida; Donde Duerme el Horror; El Compromiso). Rocío’s most recent role was that of Salomé in the eponymous play written by Oscar Wilde. The show ran at the renowned National Theatre in San Jose, Costa Rica.